Day 14 (Week 3)


Well, hello week three! I had no idea we would finally meet.

The past two weeks have been a great learning experience for me about my food cravings and habits.

What I’ve gained so far:

Stronger nails
Better skin
Easier to wake up
Fewer cravings

I honestly didn’t think I would make it this far, and in the beginning I didn’t really see the point of trying.

It’s so easy to get used to small rituals that don’t seem to have an impact at first. Coming home and having a drink after work. Having two cups of coffee every morning. Buying something sweet every time I go to  Tandem Bagels… etc. It’s so easy to become unaware of what we’re doing and that’s what this cleanse has shown me. I really don’t need all that coffee, sugar, and alcohol. They were satisfying in a way that I was fulfilling a habit that I felt I had to continue, but not in a way that nourished my health.

I’m also seeing that yes, eating healthier is more expensive at the grocery store, but when I factor in that I’m not drinking $6 lattes every day and going out to eat a few times a week (spending $15-$20 each time) it all balances out.

I have to continue to be mindful of my meals, and that will motivate me after my cleanse to not waste calories and guilt over three brownies at work, and instead come home and savor something wholesome and fulfilling.

Thanks for reading!


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