Day 21 (Final Day)

It takes 21 days to make  habit (so I’ve heard), but I think more accurately it takes 21 days to build the muscle of self control.

It takes 21 days to learn that a craving will pass, and that your health is what lasts in the long run.

These 21 days have not only been beneficial for my health, but also for my self confidence. Confidence is not something everyone is born with, and some people have it slowly worn down by life experiences. However, the only person who can give you confidence is yourself. We see it time and time again- people are greedy for the reassurance of others, people spend time and money on superficial things to boost their self image. But neither of these create true confidence.

True confidence is not knowing who you are (which is how everyone seems to define it, think “Positive self image”- seeing yourself positively based on “good” things about you). True confidence is embracing that you don’t know who you are, who you will be, or what you are capable of becoming or achieving. For better or for worse. Confidence is embracing change and growth in your life with an open heart and mind. And sometimes that means failing, too. Allowing yourself to fail and still feeling at peace with yourself. Realizing that “bad” things don’t make you bad and “good” things don’t make you good. When we constantly try to define who we are (even if it’s focusing on our successes), we aren’t leaving room for all the unknown possibilities of ourselves.

There are so many things that I’ve learned and experienced about myself over the years. Many of them were things I swore I would never do or say or believe.

Do small things that make you question that little picture you have framed in your mind with the title “ME” underneath- that’s how I’m beginning to understand and build confidence for myself.



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