Spring Rolls!

Fresh, flavorful, healthy spring rolls with a cashew butter sauce. 

I used this recipe from  Minimalist Baker and they turned out PERFECT! I also added kelp noodles which I recently learned are really f-ing good. They are crunchy, have 0 flavor, and contain beneficial vitamins, minerals, fiber, and awesomeness. They aren’t pricey, either.

Learning to roll the spring roll wrapper wasn’t hard, except for the wrapper sticking to the cutting board. The recipe recommends a damp cutting board/surface, but I would say “wet” surface is better. Also putting the ingredients directly in the middle.

You could easily make the sauce with peanut butter and not cashew butter if you prefer the taste or you don’t need to avoid peanuts.

Do not attempt these if you’re short on time! The preparation of ingredients is super fast, but soaking and wrapping can be tedious. It’s something ANYONE can do, but just make sure you’re not in a hurry.

But seriously, make these soon! They are great for eating on the go because of the wrapper, and they are filling without being heavy.


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